How our story begun.

It was not a straightforward path, but it forged a commendable route to establish and cultivate the essence of Wagyu cattle culture.

Established in 2001 as K&K International, Inc., situated in Torrance, California. The visionary President, Kengo Kuba, along with his esteemed colleagues, conceived the company's mission. The nascent phase was laden with challenges. The cessation of beef trade between the United States and Japan in 2000, triggered by concerns over Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) and its consequential Mad-Cow Disease (MCD), presented formidable obstacles.

After years of persistent advocacy with the Japanese Agriculture Department and the USDA, trade restrictions were eventually lifted, rekindling the commerce of beef between the US and Japan.

In light of this development, K&K International, Inc. made the deliberate choice to become an authorized Japanese Wagyu wholesaler in the United States. Distinguished by its unique product selection, remarkable fulfillment rates, and punctual delivery, K&K International, Inc. instantaneously garnered acclaim from customers in Torrance and worldwide.

K&K International has consistently played a pivotal and indispensable role in restoring this trade relationship, fueled by unwavering belief in the superior quality of our product and the venerable legacy of Wagyu.

As a prominent force in the Wagyu industry, K&K International takes great pride in its resolute commitment to delivering the utmost quality beef products to discerning consumers across the globe. A crucial facet of this achievement lies in the founder's steadfast commitment to recruiting and nurturing exceptional individuals—those who possess a comprehensive understanding of our business objectives, but more importantly, genuinely care about our customers' enterprises. This highly experienced team wholeheartedly dedicates itself to providing exemplary service, going to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction. Through the collective efforts of our proficient K&K International team, comprising adept professionals in sales, accounting, and marketing, the company has evolved into an exceptionally proficient distributor of Wagyu products.

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