Japanese Wagyu is a premium beef breed renowned for its exceptional quality and distinctive characteristics. It refers to a specific type of beef originating from Japanese cattle breeds, such as the renowned Tajima strain of the Japanese Black (Kuroge Washu) cattle. Japanese Wagyu is highly regarded for its intense marbling, tenderness, and rich, buttery flavor. The rearing process involves strict regulations and careful attention to genetics, feeding, and husbandry practices to ensure the highest quality product. The unique attributes of Japanese Wagyu have made it sought after worldwide, and it has become synonymous with luxury and culinary excellence.




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Kobe beef, derived from the Tajima strain of Japanese black cattle, is a premium wagyu known for its exceptional quality. It strictly adheres to the standards set by the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association. To be classified as Authentic Kobe Beef, it must meet specific criteria including being sourced from Tajima-Gyu steers or heifers within Hyogo Prefecture, raised and processed locally, and meeting certain marbling and meat quality ratings. While Wagyu refers to Japanese cattle in general, Kobe beef represents the pinnacle of excellence, renowned for its unique genetic predisposition to marbleized fat and prized for its exquisite flavor, tenderness, and well-marbled texture.

Omi Beef, with a 400-year history, originated from the vision of entrepreneur Kyuji Takenaka in Ryuo village. Sawai Farms in this region raises cattle using traditional methods and meticulous care. Only the healthiest and finest cattle are chosen for the Omi Beef program through rigorous selection at the wagyu cattle market. Omi Beef stands out for its unique taste achieved through traditional practices and specially formulated grain feeding. Sawai Farms ensures cattle's health by providing carefully selected rice straw for cud chewing, promoting saliva production and beautiful marbling in the meat. Omi Princess Wagyu Beef is sourced from Black Japanese cattle raised in the nature-rich surroundings of Shiga Prefecture, known for its pristine waters. This premium grade features tender meat and fragrant, melt-in-your-mouth fat, exclusively from heifers that have not yet given birth.

Shodoshima, an island in the Seto Inland Sea, has a rich history of cattle raising for over 1300 years. Wagyu production began in 1882, alongside its renowned olive industry. Innovative farmer Ishii discovered that feeding pressed olives to his cattle resulted in superior beef. The complex process of drying and roasting the olives brought out their sweetness, creating meat that is rich, buttery, and exceptionally marbled. The "Olive beef" from Shodoshima has gained recognition and achieved top grades in the industry. Despite a smaller herd size compared to other regions, the olive-fed Wagyu is highly valued and meticulously controlled. Shodoshima's unique cycle thrives as olives are grown, pressed for oil, and the byproducts are used to feed the local cattle. The efficient and environmentally sustainable process completes a perfect circle.

Hida Beef is a delicacy known for its fine, tender texture, beautiful marbling, and rich aroma. Raised in the scenic Gifu Prefecture, Hida Beef is produced by skilled beef producers who prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. To be certified as Hida Beef, strict criteria must be met:  1) The beef must come from Gifu Prefecture, known for its long history of breeding. 2) It must be raised by a certified producer registered with the Hida Beef Brand Promotion Conference. 3) The cattle must be black-haired Japanese Wagyu breed and fattened for a minimum of 14 months. 4) The meat quality is rated grade 3, 4, or 5 by The Japan Meat Grading Association.

Hida Beef has been recognized with prestigious awards, including the top honors and best carcass awards at the Wagyu Olympics. Its exceptional quality has been consistently acknowledged and celebrated.

Saga Gyu is a top-tier beef brand from Saga Prefecture, known for its fertile farmland and mild climate. It ranks among the best beef brands in Japan, with a focus on high-quality Japanese cattle. The breeding cattle used for Saga Gyu are carefully selected and raised with meticulous attention and controlled feeding conditions. They have access to suitable grazing areas. Saga Gyu has gained recognition as a premium wagyu beef, joining the ranks of renowned names like Kobe beef and Matsuzaka beef. Its exceptional marbling, referred to as "glossy marbling" or tsuya-sashi in Japanese, contributes to its succulent texture and unparalleled flavor. The white marbling in Saga Gyu is rich in monounsaturated fats and essential fatty acids like those found in olive oil and wild salmon. When cooked, the marbled fat melts, infusing the meat with a powerful yet delicate flavor. The abundant marbling gives the raw meat a light pink appearance with a flood of white.

Matsusaka beef is the pinnacle of Japanese beef, produced through meticulous breeding and feeding practices. Cattle are selected for their excellent bloodlines and raised in the Matsusaka beef production area. They receive a carefully balanced diet, including beef, barley, wheat bran, and soybean meal, along with massages using beer or shochu to stimulate their appetite. The beef is known for its exquisite aroma, high-quality fat with healthy unsaturated fatty acids, and a melting texture that melts in the mouth. Cattle breeding involves frequent massages, clean resting areas, and close monitoring. Only female calves up to 12 months old from the Japanese Black Cattle breed are chosen. Matsusaka beef's attention to detail has earned it a reputation as a culinary masterpiece.

Tokachi Poroshiri Wagyu, raised in Hokkaido, is known for its unique environment and exceptional flavor. The cattle are raised at the foot of Mount Tokachi Poroshiri, an elevated area with abundant greens in summer and snow-covered landscapes in winter. This pristine environment is often called God's Paradise. The farm where Poroshiri Wagyu is raised is distinctive, featuring ancient Bakuhan Stones known for their medicinal and purifying properties. The cattle exclusively feed on the farm's own grass field and drink water purified by these stones. While retaining the silky, smooth fat characteristic of Wagyu, Poroshiri Wagyu offers a complex yet mild flavor profile that sets it apart. Its exceptional flavor has garnered recognition and awards at various meat fair events.

Experience the exquisite Fujichiku original brand Japanese black beef, directly sourced from our own ranch in Kumamoto. Our flagship brand, "Fujiaya Wagyu," enhances your dining table with its delicious meat and vibrant colors. This Wagyu beef is known for its fine marbling, beautiful color, unique sweetness, firm texture, and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. We carefully raise Fujiaya Wagyu at Fuji Farm, a location blessed with rich natural surroundings and excellent ventilation. Our A5-A4 ranked Wagyu exhibits a rich sashi (fat) content, delivering an indulgent sweetness. The A3 rank offers a balanced umami flavor from the meat itself, with a higher proportion of lean meat. Choose the meat quality and cut that suits your taste preferences and savor the exceptional flavors of Fujiaya Wagyu.

The ultimate indulgence of 100% purebred, dynamic marbled Japanese Wagyu beef with Satsuma Wagyu. Named after the Kagoshima region in southern Kyushu Island, Japan, Kagoshima is renowned as the largest producer of Wagyu beef in the country. The abundant grasslands and mild climate provide an ideal environment for raising Satsuma Wagyu cattle, known for their tender and beautifully marbled meat. These cattle are raised in a clean and comfortable environment, ensuring their well-being. They are grain-fed for over 650 days, with a special ration that includes roasted soybean and excludes animal protein and meat by-products. No growth hormones or implants are used in their upbringing. Raised with utmost care in a family farm environment, Satsuma Wagyu guarantees an unparalleled dining experience of exceptional quality and taste.

Miyazaki Wagyu beef, known for its exceptional flavor and texture. Raised in Miyazaki prefecture, the region is renowned for producing the highest quality beef in Japan. Unlike Kobe beef, which is a specific strain of Wagyu cattle from Hyogo Prefecture, Miyazaki Wagyu stands on its own merits. These cattle are carefully raised in a family farm environment with utmost care. They are grain-fed for an extended period of over 650 days, with a special diet that includes roasted soybean and excludes animal protein and meat by-products. No growth hormones or implants are used in their upbringing. The result is Miyazaki Wagyu's cherry red color, tender texture, and dense meat taste. The marbling is beautifully distributed, creating a non-greasy flavor that melts in your mouth at just 25 degrees Celsius. To ensure the high standard of Miyazaki Wagyu, the supply is restricted to authorized distributors. Indulge in the exquisite taste of Miyazaki Wagyu, a true culinary masterpiece.

Yonezawa beef is a highly regarded beef that must meet specific criteria to be recognized as such. It is produced in the Okitama region of Yamagata Prefecture, specifically in 3 cities and 5 towns. The breed of cattle used is Japanese Black heifers. The carcasses must be listed in designated markets or slaughtered at approved facilities and rated by the Japan Meat Grading Association. They must also be at least 32 months old and meet certain appearance, meat quality, and fat standards.

The history of Yonezawa beef dates back to 1871 when an English teacher named Charles Henry Dallas introduced beef as food in Yonezawa. At the time, it was uncommon to consume four-legged animals in the region. Dallas cooked beef for a cook named Mankichi, and the taste impressed him greatly. When Dallas returned to Yokohama, he brought a cow with him, and its popularity among his friends helped spread the reputation of Yonezawa beef throughout the country.

Joshu Wagyu is a unique brand of Wagyu beef from Gunma Prefecture, Japan. It is known for its distinct flavor, developed through a specific feed program and clean drinking water. Originally, Gunma was renowned for its thriving livestock farming industry and flavorful beef. In 1976, the JA Gunma Economic Federation collaborated with farmers to redefine Joshu Wagyu, focusing on its origin and adherence to high hygiene standards. The beef is produced using the "HCACCP method," approved for export to countries with stringent hygiene standards. This certification places Gunma among the top facilities in Japan for hygiene management.

Toriyama Farm in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, raises exceptional Toriyama cattle in a pristine environment. The farm's unique breeding system and meticulous care ensure consistently great-tasting beef. With detailed production records and continuous analysis, Toriyama Farm maintains high quality and flavor standards. Their commitment to excellence has made them highly respected in the industry.

Discover the allure of Japan with our exclusive collection of 13 top-rated brands, delivering unrivaled quality and exquisite craftsmanship.

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